Our Locations

Somerset Street Plaza

15th Street

We pedal fun in Ocean City!


Our small surreys seat up to 3 adults and 3 small children, and our large surreys seat up to 6 adults and 3 small children.


We have many types of bikes… Beach Cruisers, Tandems, Banana Bikes, Trikes, and more!

Mobility Scooters

We also rent Mobility Scooters by the hour, by the day, and by the week.
Call us to reserve your ride.

About Us

Big Jim

Big Jim started life as "Baby Jim", but within a year he was being called "Little Jim", and by the time he was in middle school, everyone had started calling him "Big Jim". Some say Big Jim was destined to be in bikes since his father was a bike messenger in Vietnam, and his father's father did the same, delivering top secret messages during WWII. Big Jim's family tree is filled with cyclists including racers, high wire acts, It's even rumored that one of Big Jim's ancestors inspired the Wright brothers, reportedly once telling them both to, "Go fly a kite."

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